~Beer List~

Domestic bottles  $3.50


Bud Light

Bud Select


Michelob Ultra

Miller Lite


Domestics  $3

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Kraftig Pilsner


Non alcoholic bottles $3


Clausthaler - Germany



CASK ALE – See Server $6

St Louis, MO


Zwickel  $5

Urban Chestnut  •  St Louis, MO


Alsace Lager  $6

Urban Chestnut  •  St Louis, MO


Hopswitch Pilsner $5

Urban Chestnut  •  St Louis, MO


Nitro O’Florians Dry Irish Stout  $6

Urban Chestnut  •  St Louis, MO


Unfiltered Wheat $5

Boulevard  •  KC, MO


~Draft List~

Golden Pilsner  $5

Griesedieck Brothers  •  St Louis, MO


Guinness Stout $5

Dublin, Ireland


Morchl Dark Lager $5

Hirter  •  Austria


Hoptimistic IPA  $5

Charleville  •  St Genevieve, MO


Bourbon Barrel Aged Schwarzbier $5

Kirkwood, MO


Chocolate Milk Stout  $6

4 Hands  •  St Louis, MO



Carlbock Helles Style Lager   $5

Civil Life  •  St Louis, MO


British Bitter  $5

Civil Life  •  St Louis, MO


Abbey Ale - $5

Cathedral  •  St Louis, MO


Bourbon Barrel Stout - $7  10oz.

Uinta $7  •  Salt Lake City, UT


Half Pipe Sour Pale Ale  $5

Tallgrass  •  Manhattan, KS


Double Cream Stout  $6

Bell’s  •  Kalamazoo, MI


Snake Oil Red IPA – $6

4 Hands  •  St Louis, MO

~Bottled Beers~

Tucher Hefe Weiss   $7.00 16.9oz

A traditional, high fermented Bavarian yeast beer with wheat flavors. High in vitamin B the natural yeast cloudiness is due to top fermentation leaving a sparkling and refreshing beer.


Weihenstephan Dark Hefe

$7.00 16.9 oz

A dark wheat beer with flavours and aromas of dark malts. A complex beer, with a rich fruitiness of banana, hints of apple and cinnamon.


Aecht Schlenkra Smoke Marzen

$10.00 16.9 oz

There’s campfire, smoked cheese and bacon, and that’s just in the beer’s seductive aromas. Roasted malts are also noticeable, and it’s an intoxicating combination of these characters that create an utterly unique taste experience.



Ace Apple Honey Cider

$5.00 12 oz

Ace Berry cider is a sweeter cider at 5% alcohol by volume. We ferment the apple juices for 14 days to dryness and then add fresh blackberry and raspberry juices to produce a light purple cider. It is an all-natural, low-calorie, gluten-free cold filtered cider.


Floris Apple  $10.00 11 oz

From the makers of Delirium Tremens comes this Belgian white ale flavored with real apples and spices. Lower in alcohol and slightly sweet the aroma of fresh apples permeated the air. This beer has a distinctive light finish.


Two Brothers Cane and Ebel
Red Rye Ale    $4.00 12 0z


Santa Fe Irish Red Ale

$3.00 12 oz can

~Red Stone Meadery~

$28.00 for a wine size bottle

If you already drink mead (honey wine), we've got you covered!

If you haven't tried mead, are you ready for a taste explosion?

Try our new selection of Sparkling Meads

Nectar of the Hops

Now here’s a rare and interesting critter. Pretty much a clean-but-standard semi-sweet mead with a hoppy, fruity twist. There is a smidge of hop presence in the nose, and even less bitterness (though it is there). The overall effect is hard to quantify, but refreshing to figure out. Your palette will chase this all over the place.





Sunshine Nectar

This mead captures the essence of just-picked, ripe apricots delicate and refined. What an interesting combination of moderately sweet and mildly tart, slightly earthy with a touch of mild spice. Light body. Very clean tasting.

Black Raspberry

Light garnet color and tastes like sparkling black raspberries - something like summertime in a glass.

Very light smooth taste, velvet in the mouth. Light finish, very enjoyable.

*Our draft beer selection constantly changes.

Come on by to see what's currently on tap

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