iron  \’i(e)rn\  n, adj

of, relating to, or made of iron: strong and healthy: robust

barley  \’bar-le\  n

a cereal grass used in malt beverages and in foods

iron + barley =

an eating and drinking establishment

pairing traditional yet unusual American cuisine with the finest locally-handcrafted brews.


Iron Barley opened in May of 2003, by husband and wife

Tom and Gen Coghill and their three sons Thomas, Charlie, and Patrick.

Tom has worked in kitchens since 1978, from Vincent’s of Alton, Top of the Towers, Sheraton, Adams Mark, The Hyatt, convention center (before the dome) and Frazer’s Traveling Brown Bag( Frazer’s Restaurant and Lounge). Self taught on the job, with a passion for smoked meats and bbq. Tom cooks the way he likes to eat, from scratch, cast iron cooking, using traditional time tested methods.

Barley goes back to Tom’s home brewing days, wider uses of grain, but versatile, anything you do with rice or pasta you can substitute with barley.

It is our goal to make everyone feel at home and relaxed at Iron Barley.

We hope to see you here soon.

Food. Drinks. Fun !